How can I get my cat to stop clawing on things she’s not supposed to?

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For starters, don’t punish your cat for clawing. Clawing is a natural thing for cats to do and is vital to their mental well-being. Cats use clawing as a means of relieving stress, boredom, and excess energy that might build during play or from a lack of exercise. The first thing you need to do to avoid or deter this undesirable behavior is to make sure that your cat has a proper scratching area, such as a scratching post or cat tree. If your cat has already clawed something, you might want to cover it with ┬ádouble-sided tape or plastic to stop them from scratching that area again.


When you catch your cat scratching something he’s not supposed to, remove him from that item and place him at his scratching post. Be sure to give your cat lots of praise when he scratches at the scratching post. This positive reinforcement will have him coming back to the scratching post instead of the furniture!