Pet Loss & Aftercare Advice

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here are many different reasons why losing a pet is so intensely painful, possibly even more painful than the loss of a human relative. One of these reasons is the same thing that makes having a pet so rewarding – the unconditional love that only animals are capable of. When that unconditional love is taken away, it can leave us feeling empty and hollow inside, as though a huge part of us is missing. A lot of us also see our pets as “the person we wish we could be”, an embodiment of all of the positive qualities we strive to achieve every day. Therefore, many see the deaths of their pets as the death of a part of themselves. And then there are the obvious reasons…..we just lost our best friend, our confidant, our shoulder to cry on, our brother or sister, and possibly even our child. The pain is intense and can be overwhelming.  

We encourage you to read the story of the Rainbow Bridge, which can be very comforting in dealing with your grief, and take advantage of the services we offer. Our Pet Loss Message Board and Chat Rooms are very supportive and comforting. For our members, support is never more than an email away with our Pet Loss Email Hotline. We also offer pet loss products that provide support and education about the grieving process, various coping mechanisms, and memorial suggestions.  

Our hearts go out to you in your grief, and we hope that you will find in us the support you need to get you through.