Shawn Hanson

Hey what’s up everybody? It is a beautiful day and I’m hanging out in Central Park, my favorite place in the City. And today I’m gonna take you around and show you some of the hidden secrets in the Park, like where to find a hidden nature sanctuary, how to navigate using the lampposts, and […]

10 Weird Things to Do in New York City

I’m Chris. I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. And in this video, I’m going to be telling you not the things that everybody knows about New York City, like the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center. But I’m going to be telling you some things that are definitely off […]

The Future of Gaming: Your data, your wallet

Game developers will often talk about compulsion loops. How do I keep the player playing? How do I keep them coming back? How do I keep them paying? Last year the world spent more than a hundred billion dollars on video games. That’s more than twice of what we spend going to the movies. It’s […]

How to Pick a Slot Machine | Gambling Tips

Hey guys. I’m gonna do a video about how to pick a slot machine, if you must. Let’s see. The slot machines, when they’re on the floor, they come in a whole bunch of different denominations, they go from pennies, all the way up to 500 dollars a spin. It’s really up to you what […]

Hi, my name is Charles, and I’m here to tell you how to play the game of Clue. Now, this has actually been around for a long time, but it’s a great game, and the first thing you need to do is set up the board. It’s very easy, because each of the different characters […]

Our list of the Top 5 casino games around Droid Slots Main Site:… Where To Play Them: Casinos mentioned: Online Roulette at LadyLucks:… Baccarat at Mobile Wins:… Six Shooter at Reel Island:… Poker at mFortune:… Blackjack at Royal Swipe Casino:… These are the best casino games around. From card, […]