Georgia’s Soul – Our African-American Heritage

Circle the state or choose a destination. Rural communities, metro Atlanta, the Low Country – all have historic sites and modern-day tributes to the diverse and rich African-American culture that is steeped in the cultural growth of Georgia. East of Atlanta, schedule time for stops in Madison and Augusta. In Savannah, a city rich in history, our tour will focus on the contributions of African-Americans. Midway, Sapelo Island, Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, and St. Simons Island also feature significant African-American influence. Our tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Macon where noted African-American musicians and athletes are commemorated in beautiful new museums.

Sound Tracks – Georgia’s Music Heritage through Athens, Atlanta, Macon, & Savannah.
Explore the roots of American music throughout the state of Georgia. The nationally recognized Athens music scene boasts many venues that have provided national acts album covers, song inspiration, and staging grounds. Atlanta venues can include formal opera productions or casual live outdoor performances. In the 50s & 60s, the lively Macon music scene launched the careers of many famous singers whose works are now preserved and celebrated in a museum setting. Jazz has been a Savannah music tradition dating back to Reconstruction Era brass bands and the inspiration for many popular and timeless songs.

Antebelllum Georgia – Links to the Past in Athens, Madison,Milledgeville, Macon & Atlanta.
Georgia’s Antebellum Trail is a popular tour destination for motor coach tours. Our tour focuses on four cities along the State designated trail and can include the following: In Athens, decades of antebellum prosperity gave this city its grand Greek revival mansions and today is a masterpiece of historic preservation. Madison was spared the torch during Sherman’s march to the sea with a gentleman’s agreement. Milledgeville stood as Georgia’s capital city for over 60 years. Macon offers a wealth of antebellum treasures where restoration and preservation projects are evident throughout the city where there are more than 5,000 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since Georgia’s antebellum trail is billed as a “Gone With The Wind” tour by many tour operators, one can visit Atlanta’s popular “Gone With The Wind” venues before seeing
historic Roswell, an Atlanta suburb.

Roswell was a mill town ravaged by the Civil War. Now churches, plantation homes and cemeteries tell the stories of a community that has stood the test of time.