Super guy in gambling

Maybe he’s really from the Ming Dynasty You’re beaten by the Saint Of Gamblers in Hong Kong That’s why l come back ls he that great? Four fellow brothers altogether may help me to beat him He’s the disciple of God of Gamblers somebody may help him Don’t worry.

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l’m about to go lt’s tight l’ve told you not to eat these several times You should behave yourse. lf You’re the Saint of Gamblers That’s why l hide in the washroom and eat You’re Keep a cigar in your mouth it spells notability Alright… Where did you take your cigar? From my dad Excuse me Hello reporters, hello relatives May l introduce to you this insurmountable unbeatable… the wonderful partner of mine… the disciple of God of Gamblers: the Saint of Gamblers Wonderful! This isn’t a good speech l learn from my mentor Great guys maintain low profile when giving speeches Ladies and gentlemen l, Saint of Gamblers l’m extremely honoured to meet you Thank you!

Wonderful! Besides having breakfast with my mentor l learn from him the art of the unbeatable The most skilful part of the art of winning l can beat all opponents l can beat all competitors Show us your skill l will. l must find an opponent l’ll be the one Great! Shuffle the cards yourself, watch Come on!

What’s it?… Here! Oh my god!…

l’ve got stomache My stomach… Here Please don’t Something’s wrong What? Your throat You’ve almost scared me Here! Oh!… There’s an extra one Fine!

lt’s gallstone. You call that fine?! What’s this art? Didn’t you learn the art of gambling from God of Gamblers? This is one of the great arts of God of Gamblers The art of massage on the toes My mentor’s given up all his leisure time and taught me this skill so that l can help others What a great man he is! This is an invaluable picture Please feel free to take photos What?

The art of massage on the toes? You’ve gone away for 6 months Haven’t you learnt anything from the God of Gamblers? Answer that! Yes Yes! l collected rubbish in the backyard of the God of Gamblers every night Built-in! Hey!

What? l’m hungry Alright Where’s your shark fin? What do you want it for? Since you know the invaluable skill of massaging on the toes have instant noodles instead Can’t l have some luncheon meat?

Uncle, is it my birthday? No! What a big piece of meat this time lt’s for celebrating our reunion lt takes me 5 meals to finish these ls it too big? lt doesn’t matter Mr. Ding will give a speech Don’t eat too fast Alright! l, Ding Lik, am very glad to meet you in Shanghai ls this the Shanghai Show?

ls Shanghai a beach? Maybe l like this name, Ding Lik Who figured that out? There’s a real person called Ding Lik then He’s the great friend of your grandpa They started a business together Really? Yes!

What’s the name of grandpa? Chow Tai Fook Really? Yes!

Do l have a share in the Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company? Two Chow Tai Fooks aren’t the same Your grandpa and Ding Lik sold buns together in Shanghai Why they sold buns instead of jeweler? That’s it He’s so stupid.

He must look horrible You’re wrong. He’s handsome Really? Look at the picture They’re your grandpa and your grandma Nice looking, like me Look exactly the same Right! My god!

You’ll look like this when you’re old l don’t believe! l didn’t either What? Reading blue magazine? Shut up! What? My mentor told me this is the French God of Gamblers A famous guy in Shanghai He’s an unbeatable man That great?!

He gambled well and he had special power… So he never loses? No, the book says… He’s once beaten by a mysterious guy called Comment Allez-vous Strange name, l can’t believe it Hey!

Brother Ng so you’ve come back to Hong Kong? Something from mentor? Fine. l’ll wait for you This is our ancestral house Your grandpa passed it to me l’ll pass it to you lt’s got a history over 100 years But it still stands here.

Like me You just can’t stand up Bullshit! l feel that we’ll have a strange experience tonight Something incredible will happen What? No idea! Will you play a part? You decide You should You’re smart lt’s a wonderful world Why you said so?

l heard that grandpa was shy Yes! You never feel shy That’s what l am What the hell can you do? Nothing, l admire you What can you see? Nothing. How about you? Me either Can you go inside and take a tin…?

Can you go inside and take…? Needn’t be that mean!… There’re 5 here.

Can you take them all Let’s do it together As l expected something incredible happens Damn it! l’m coming! Don’t behave like that You’ll scare them away lt’s just an illusion. Let’s go!

Wao! What? You’re always like this Abracadabra Objects moved in air. Amazing! Out! Why force me?

Why?… Catch and hold him! l am! Boxing of the Saint of Gamblers! Are you alright? l’ve beaten you up will your mouth foam?

You’re foaming at the mouth Me? Yes! Just saliva! Saliva?

Call it piss You kid, you’re so weak l’m old and still firm after somebody’s given me a punch You threw up like hell last time Last time only… This time l haven’t l’d rather fall down Are you alright? Okay, l’m falling down Ouch!

What’s burning? Me! lt’s burning! Water!… Your majesty!

This eunuch’s beard His castration must be incomplete Servants! Yes! Go castrate him again No, your Majesty! Don’t castrate me. Your Majesty!

Don’t castrate me, don’t Don’t castrate me, don’t… Here! lt’s over. Give it back to me!… Uncle!

Brother Ng! Where’s Sing? He was with me Then somebody hit me and l fainted What do you want Sing for? The God of Gamblers wants him to have this telephone He’ll call him over something urgent l see! What can we do?

Look for him OK Chow Sing Cho l knew it’s you You insulted me on the gambling boat l’m revenging this time There’s no end to revenge Moreover, l don’t mind if you can But l’m afraid you’ll lose again lf you’re more powerful than me it’s me instead of you who’s revenging My god! 5 of us will use our power together You’ll die Sing!… Don’t come over here! Your mentor calls you!

Go away! l’ll say you’re busy! Something’s got me stuck… Oh no! Uncle’s telephone?! Hello! What’s happened?

lt’s a long story. Where’re you? l’m invited to police headquarters for a meeting Hang up now! To deal with the robbers with the powerful arms And you? Where’re you? No idea.

The New Territories maybe l’m having a meeting Give it to me! Brother Ng… Who’s there interrupting? Me! Who are you?

l’m Chow Sing Cho, the Saint of Gamblers l’m Commissioner Wong nicknamed Scissors Legs What legs? Scissors Legs, they’ll smash your head Ask him to be smart or his head will be smashed Hello Your friend is so cheeky Sing, are you alright? l’m fine Are you in the police headquarters? l’ll take a taxi and come to you OK, see you later. Bye-bye Ask him to be smart or l’ll smash his head Come in!

Commissioner have you just used the phone? Can’t l? All other phones broke down while you’re using That’s the Telephone Company’s business Are you nuts? Excuse me, what’s this place? l didn’t mean it Where can l take a taxi?

Miss! Miss!… Uncle Uncle, what’re you doing?

Hey, are you crazy? Are you hanging yourself? What’re doing?

What did you say? What’re you doing? What’re you doing? Get back down there first Why lying on top of me? Shame to you You’re so effeminate and in such strange clothes?

Have you got crazy? l don’t know what you’re saying You’ve interrupted my killing myself Why do you wanna kill yourself? l’m out of love the 37th time You’re always out of love lt’s nothing to be out of love 37 times in one’s life l’m out of love 37 times in a week That’s worth killing yourself l’ll help you go up l don’t wanna die now You must be crazy. Stop kidding Tell me, what’s this place? What happened, Uncle?

Why calling me Uncle? l’m so young! My name’s Chow Tai Fook What’s your job? l’m selling Shanghai buns What this board means? No spitting around! What the Shanghai government means?

This is Shanghai This is Shanghai?! Yes! The Shanghai where Hui Man-keung and Ding Lik existed?

Yeah! But Hui Man-keung got shot last night You mean he’s dead in the TV episode? No, it’s in the news. Look! Tycoon Hui Man-keung was killed by 46 shots July 1937?!

Today’s July 1937? Right. The year of the cow Uncle!…

Who’re you calling? Why don’t you tremble? Why should l? Are you really my grandpa? Grandpa?

You wanna be my grandson? What’s your name? Son-of-a-bitch! Mr. Son!

The highest level of special power will change time and space The person who uses special power will travel back and forth the time What’re you saying? The telephone! What telephone?

What’s this? lt’s interesting Engaged! What’s it? l must figure this out Hey! Grandson… What’s it?… This is incredible How can l believe this?

Why not, l’m still unmarried and l believe you’re my grandson Are the police coming? No idea! lt’s nothing to do with me Nothing to do with me! Over there! ln red?!

You beat me up because l’m in red? Right! To take revenge for Brother Keung What?

l’m not in red. l don’t have to run Then l don’t have to either Why? l’m a good fighter Really? Right!

ls that so? Great!… Your grandson is a great fighter Really?

Yes! Great!… l can beat 9 at a time without any weapon Great!… Why don’t you sit down have a sugar cane, and watch me?

Fine!… OK? What K?

Wonderful! Wonderful! Hi!

Prepare for the funeral! Fall down! Get to hospital immediately. Stop! You’ll get nothing by that Grandson, finish your performance?!

Not yet. Sit back first Many guys in black over there Deal with them lt doesn’t hurt when l beat people up today Really? So what then? You go! Fine!

Oh! Damn you!… l’ll finish this one, you go for the others Fine! Who are you? Why l don’t know you?

Because l’m your senior Secret code! What secret code? Listen, twinkle twinkle little star How l wonder what you are Up above the world so high. What’s next? Like a diamond in the sky Wrong lt’s London bridge is falling down l don’t get it?!

Damn it! Change the color and it’ll be fine lt’s lucky grandpa can go away early Should’ve known that This guy in red has it now Yes… lt may be fine What can l do? Walk slowly and we won’t alert them But we’re in black They don’t know if you don’t tell Really?!

Cut him into pieces! Damn it! Does it hurt? Yes! lt’s strange!

The Kung-fu of ln-between?! The more in between the more powerful it is So this is the lost Kung-fu of ln-between?! Disperse! You should let one stay in between You still wanna run away? Big brother, are you alright? Are you alright?

Nine in between You’re in trouble this time! Can’t reach the end of the street Damn it Big brother… Are you alright? Big brother… Where’s Tiger Lui? He’s dead! Here! Who kill him?

l don’t know… Mr. Ding, Tiger Lui is dead How? A kid killed him by a punch Good grandson, are you alright? Ding Lik… Boss Ding? Ding Lik Mr. Ding, how are you? Buddy thank you for revenging for Brother Man Brother Man, you mean Hui Man-keung? He’s killed by Tiger Lui yesterday He deserved then l said Tiger Lui deserved l sent a lot of men here for the revenge but l couldn’t find him You did it.

Smart young man! Somebody’s dead here Mr. Ding, the guys’ checking around Ching, you finish him off We go home first Yes! We can just walk away while so many are dead?

This is Shanghai l’ve sworn that anybody who revenges for Brother Man can have 3 wishes come true l’ve got only one wish left To return Hong Kong in 1991 No… You said you come from Hong Kong 1991 This is incredible You can’t find this watch in your time And… This a mobile phone, a product in 1991 You call this a phone? l’ll believe you if somebody answers your call l can call people in my time l can even let you speak to them Show me Still engaged But you can hear it Somebody’s speaking English lt’s just something making a strange noise You can’t prove it’s a telephone l’ve really talked to somebody in 1991 through it lt’s just being engaged l’ll show you later lt doesn’t matter when you come from Even if you really come from Hong Kong 1991 now that you’re in Shanghai 1937 You’re no way home Why not stay and help me? Good!… Grandson, thank Mr. Ding for thinking highly of you This means l’ve to join the triads?

Everybody in Shanghai is a triad member Everybody here, you and me You aren’t! l am! You’re sissy You can’t be a triad member Come back! l hate people saying that l’m effeminate You are! l’m a triad member!

So you’re an effeminate triad member No! l’m the top killer of the triad society Look at him! No. l’m a top killer of a triad OK, you’re a top killer and you’re an effeminate top killer l ain’t!

l ain’t effeminate! You are! l’m not! l hate this most! No argue!

Don’t say that! You really are! Please stop! l ain’t! What are you doing?

No… Listen to me… You’re extremely effeminate Face it! l’m a triad member! What nuisance! l’m really a triad member! Throw onto the street, please!

Throw him out! Yes, Mr. Ding! Don’t come closer or l’ll beat you up Grandson, help! No! l didn’t mean it You should mean what you say to me This is your first wish! Hold it!

l want him to be healthy and long life Fine! Let him off Please! This is your second wish What an egghead! You’ve wasted 2 wishes Tell us your third wish l wish we had a lot of jewelers a lot of beautiful women a lot of macho guys to protect us 4 Mercedes Greed will get you nowhere Mr. Ding, it’s simple My wish is that l can have 3 more wishes Good! Greed is the deriving force for man l like greedy guys like you Better that hypocrites Hold this gold coin Return it to me when you’re in need l’ll try my best to satisfy What’s your name?

Son-of-a-bitch! l… You really are Son-of-a-bitch! Damn you, my name is Chow Sing Cho! Sing, if you stay in Shanghai you can become great personage in Shanghai Thanks Mr. Ding! But l don’t wanna be a great personage in Shanghai You must believe what l’ve said l only want to go back to my time l must figure out a way to go back Sing, let it be We’ll talk it over after Man’s funeral tomorrow Nobody answers? Are you kidding me?

Always engaged in these 2 days So what is it? l don’t know why… l wanna piss! Hold it, there isn’t even a tree around l’ve held it for long but it’s unbearable l’ve got treasure handed down in our family lt can cure your desire to piss Really? Yes! Give it to me, quick! l’ve been using it since l was a kid Mr. Ding the Mayor and Miss Yu-san arrive l’ve seen her before What’s it?

The treasure handed down in our family ls it nice? l’ve seen the girl in black with a hat before When? Before you hanged yourself l’ve seen her before though she looks different now but it’s the same person So what? Nothing! l’m sorry about Mr. Hui What a loss to us! Thank you Mayor Please don’t call me Mayor Yu-san!

Lik! Let me introduce you to my new friend Where he is? Sing, come here! Yes! He’s taken revenge for Man The hero who killed Tiger Lui Hi Mr. Chow nice to meet you We know each other! You know each other?

Mr. Chow, l’m afraid l don’t know you Remember the riverside last time Yu-san is the daughter of the Mayor Hello! and my best friend Really?! She doesn’t seem to know you Mr. Ding, Wong Kam-kwai arrives Mr. Ding, who is he?

A hypocrite! He’s the sworn brother of Tiger Lui The enemy of Ding Lik He’s the man behind the death of Hui Man-keung l’m sorry for coming late, Mr. Ding lt’s alright. Nobody here will mind Mr. Ding, you’re indeed frank l wanna discuss a business with you l hope it’s not the one you talked with Brother Man A Japanese spy admires your talent Hui Man-keung was a fool Mr. Ding you’re clever l think you know how to seize the opportunity His look tells he’s a cunning guy His mouth betrays his words Go and tell the Japanese l, Ding Lik will never betray my country Don’t make me force you Don’t make me force you How dare you talk to me like that?!

Ha!… Ha!… Good! Let’s go! Good!

Let’s go! You’re so great You know what he wants to say There’s a standard dialogue for cunning guys All TV episodes in our time show that Go! Mr. Ding! Hairy, you protect Mr. Ding l’ll shield you against them Danger! Very dangerous, don’t move Hairy! Hairy!

Mr. Ding machine guns are in the rocks over there Over there, kill him Try and rescue Brother Lik! Don’t worry, nobody can hurt him Nobody can see him… How come? l can’t see him!

How about over there? No! Over here? How are you? l’ve overused my power Good grandson!… How are you?

Good grandson! Good grandson! Fine, no… Don’t be afraid… Don’t go l won’t Oh, my god! Damn You! How are you? l’m sick!

Do you really know magic? You’ve made them impossible to see Mr. Ding This is called… lf l say l know magic will you believe me? l will! Will you? Yes!

l come from another age will you believe? l believe How about l’m your grandson? l believe you too Don’t you think this is very stupid?

Extremely stupid! So you believe? l do! Why?

l don’t know… l liked you since the first time l saw you You don’t seem to hurt me Really? Really! l won’t hurt you because you’re indeed my grandpa Good grandson! Grandpa! Good grandson!… Grandpa!

Where’s Miss Yu-san? She’s gone. She said she didn’t know you lmpossible, maybe she’s shy to admit Damn you, you’re in love Stop talking nonsense You are. Your look betrays you Really?! Yes!

lndeed? No difference! How about this? Even more so! l think this is fine This is the worst!

So Miss Yu-san tells too Of course she can Well, l’ve to remove all obstacles Clear all enemies and… date her Hold it… Why? l should figure out how to return to my time Stop worrying too much Have you figured out? Not yet!

Then date her Not yet Why? Mr. Ding is so kind to help us to start a business And he’s so fond of Miss Yu-san lf l date her… Don’t be silly lt’s fair to compete What’s more important… What? You’re too ugly to date her Father, l’ve sin Everybody is a sinner But l wanna commit sin now and l can’t help it Pray and ask God to give you strength so that you can help yourself lf l really commit a sin will God forgive me? lf you’ve sinned and if you regret it sincerely God will surely forgive you Thanks God! Don’t you think it’s crowded in here?

l’m sorry! How’s it going? All right? Everything’s alright Does Miss Yu-san come here daily? Yes She’s coming!… Action!…

Thanks, Father! You’re coming for a confession? This is really great! l’ll leave you two alone Spring, wait for me outside Yes!

Father, l’ve sin Everybody is a sinner Father, your voice’s changed l dreamed and saw God last night l saw Holy Mart too We’ve talked a lot and throat is sore now We’ve talked about you Me?! You’re a fallen angel You’ve to choose the Mr. Right for you and he’s already here Have l seen him?

Yes, he’s rescued you once Have you noticed a handsome man who’s rescued you? A handsome man? No! The one who rescued me looks stupid He looks quite handsome and a little stupid You’re destined to love him Don’t make Him disappointed What’s it here? Sing is great in dating girls Miss Yu-san believe completely lsn’t it father who’s inside?!

Of course not! You two will have 7 sons and 8 daughters You two will live in Jardine Hill in Hong Kong You’ll have 5 cars… Father! Your dreams’ getting longer and longer Believe me and you’ll be fine The one inside isn’t father Let me finish Who is it? l wanna sit inside! No, it’s crowded here!

You sex maniac, disguise as the father? Who’s sex maniac? lt’s you? Stop pretending! Spring, let’s go!

Miss Yu-san! Sorry l didn’t mean it… l won’t tell this to Mr. Ding Thank you so much! But hope this won’t happen again Good Grandson!

We’re going too far l’ve got kicked because of this but l like her Who? The one who kicked me So what? l think it’s hopeless again Mr. Ding is coming. Mr. Ding! My casino is very popular in these 10 years lf you don’t mind, come and help me Good… Small!

Large 18 times. Why bet on small? l can see through that 14 points. Large But l wanna lose Mr. Ding, would you mind? Fine!

Go ahead Sing… What’s so exciting? Will l be beaten if l don’t tell? No Then l won’t tell 14 points. Large Does he really see through?

Mr. Ding! Congratulations!… l’m honoured to have the Mayor lt’s my pleasure!

Sing! Hey! How come the two of them are here?!

Never mind l’ve talked it over with Wong Kam-kwai He denied everything between you and him in the cemetery l expected it Mr. Ding, Wong Kam-kwai’s here Congratulations, Mr. Ding! l wish your casino every success You’re not welcome here You can refuse me But you can’t refuse our Japanese VlP Nice to meet you, Mr. Ding! You’re indeed very talented, madam l’m impressed Thanks!… l’m so tired. l can’t stand it l thought she’s powerful lt’s only a body double Stand aside!

Mr. Ding l’m being direct You want your casino to make money And l wanna win money too What do you wanna bet on? Large-small How many chips can l exchange for these 2 boxes of gold? Give her 10 million francs Yes Sing, wake up!

Enemy by doorstep! Please madam! Tai-kun 3. 3. 2. 8 points.

Small Good, l’ll bet all on Small then 3. 3. 2. 8 points. Small She wins. Shake it well 1 .

2. 3, 6 points. Small Open it! 1 . 2. 3, 6 points.

Small Bingo again! Bravo! Bingo again!

She wins Mr. Ding, we’ve got to find a solution lt seems he can see through it What? Try and wake Sing Yes Sing… This is the most powerful awakening pill Anybody can wake after taking it Give it to him, quick Wake!

Sing… He’s awake What’s it? A guy outside won a lot of money ls he?!

Tai-kun! Sing… What’s that pill of yours? He fell asleep again lt’s like that We’ve got to risk! Miss Yu-san please go over there and help Or Mr. Ding will lose all his money How l can help? Come over here!

Hey, wake up Come over… Please help us How l can help? Lower your head Sing, l’m Yu-san, how are you? Miss Yu-san, are you kissing me? Can you rinse your mouth first next time?

Mr. Ding l can win easily in your casino You may have to close your business after this game You’re opening and closing your business on the same day l won’t be afraid of your winning l’m just afraid you won’t bet all l’m betting all on this game Shake! Hold it! Tai-kun, how come you’re alive?

That’s great! How come you’re not dead? Stay aside How come you’re still alive?

We’re friend! Fine! How come you’re still alive?

You’re alive too, why can’t l? Let’s stop fighting l didn’t expect to see you here We’re in the same boat Try and return to 1991 l’m not going with you l’m important here l’m rich here lf l go back to 1991 l only got around 100 Renminbi each month You don’t want it, but l want Please help me Let’s use our power together l’m coming here to win all money of Ding Lik and l ain’t kidding with you Hey… Fine, then you can’t win Ding Lik Sing, are you sure? Bet! Damn it, l can’t see the one below ls it 1 or 6? 1 is small, 6 is large.

Small or large? lt’s small. Believe me Large or small?! Don’t bet on this game Why not?

You wanna lose face? Large or small? l can’t see through it this time Shop bullshitting l’ve never lost and won’t lose face Perhaps… lt’s large?! Bet on large 8 points. Small Wonderful! l told you and you betted it wrong She shouldn’t have asked you Your men have got special power l’m so impressed But you should give me a chance to win back We’ll play cards in your casino in 10-day time Mr. Ding, l’ll fully support you l’ll wait and see lf l loss again Wong Kam-kwai and l leave Shanghai and vice-versa for Mr. Ding The mayor is our witness Mr. Ding, don’t buy it lf she wins, l no longer stay here Fine, deal!

Let’s go! Hold it, where’s my uncle? You’ll know soon Hey, Tai-kun Let’s give our applause to Sing Wonderful… No, thanks! Good… Our night club wishes Mr. Ding Lik every success in his casino and he beats all Japanese out and find true love Sing’s really great! Do you want a drink? Cheer!

Sing’s got special power. Great?! He knows, not you l’ve got it too You’re kidding No! l’ll show you ls your ear real? Come!… Sing!

Excuse me! Come!… What? Yon can only work when something in-between?

Yes, what’s up? Give me a punch to make me proud Come on! You’re a nuisance!

Yu-san’s kiss made me forget ln-between l’ll go over and see Are you alright? No! How is it? lt hurts… You’re really not alright?

Yes… You’re naughty Spring… Making money is important for a man l’ll give you money what business will you start? A Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company l only know the business of selling buns You can’t make a lot by selling buns You’re right But l know one who becomes rich by selling buns Who? McDonalds What a strange name!

lt’s a household word! We’ve got a director called Mak Dong-hong and a singer called Madonna They’re so rich l’ll call myself Mcdonfook lt’ll be richer than ever Then set up a McDonfook Bakery Thank you, Mr. Ding! Try your best l will l’m so happy today Sing helped me beat the Japanese l’ve got a girlfriend, Yu-san and lots of good friends l’ve got something to announce What?

Miss Yu-san and l will be engaged next month Good… Sing… are you alright? Don’t scare me He’s seen several doctors Still no progress Why?

l know a very good German doctor l’ll ask him to come over A doctor can’t heal love-sick What did you say? l said he’d love to have ginseng to cure him l’ve got a lot He can have it every meal l can do anything to make him recover The future of Shanghai depends on him Look after him carefully Miss Spring!… What’s it? Sing’s got love-sick Who does he love? Don’t tell the others Sure He loves Miss Yu-san He wants the girl friend of Ding Lik? No…

The first time he saw Miss Yu-san by the river She’s all in white, riding a horse She smiled at him But she didn’t wanna talk to him the second time So he’s at a loss ls it… What? Nothing! lf l can ask Miss Yu-san to keep him company for a day Do you think he can get better? Yes Do you think he can regain his power? Sure! Fine.

Tomorrow l… No, l’ll ask now Wet-nurse! Miss Yu-san isn’t in l’m coming for Yu-mong She’s playing in the room A German doctor has examined her brains What did he say? He said she suffered from meningitis when she’s small That obstructed her growth She’s only got a 5-year-old mentality She’s incurable Let me see her OK Yu-mong! Spring!

You know him? Let me bring you to him Thanks Come out, everybody What? Look! Sweet bean bun!

Here This one’s for you lt’s hot Sing, grandpa’s store opens today Why do you look so stupid? She’s married somebody else Find another one lt’s over!… Can you say something else? lt’s over!… Fook! Hi!

Spring! Look who’s here Look who’s here Fook! Spring!

l’ve brought her here You’re really engaged? No… Mr. Ding’s just kidding! Really?! Positive! Did you hear that?

She isn’t engaged Go dance and celebrate Pork buns. Who loves pork buns most? Who loves freshly baked pork buns?

And lotus buns lard buns, shark fin buns Smashed bean buns. Guangdong buns lf you don’t love Guangdong buns try the Shanghai buns There’re also steamed bread, pork buns Little steamed bread, vegetable buns My friend, which one would you taste? No matter which one you will taste Guangdong buns, Shanghai buns… Some like Guangdong buns She’s only Yu-san’s sister She’s only got a 5-year-old mentality She’s only a kid! Stop it!

My friend, which one would you taste? No matter which one you will taste? Guangdong buns, Shanghai buns…

Some like Guangdong buns Others prefer Shanghai buns My friend, do you like Guangdong buns or Shanghai buns Guangdong buns, Shanghai buns l love pork buns most… Wanna kill me? Stand it for a while lt’s tasteless l think this one’s better Spring! What? Look how happy Sing and Yu-san are l’ve told you, she’s Yu-mong She’s only a 5-year-old kid They’re happy anyway Mong means dream. lt’s a romantic name What tic?

Romantic l have a name in mind which suits you What? Withered-dream! Damn you Just kidding Look, how beautiful Don’t go away Spring! l’ll kill you Yu-san seems so strange? How strange?

She doesn’t talk, just smile She speaks French Really? Teach me French But you should have a French name first Give me one You’re called Comment Allez-vous, OK…! ls there any better?

This one is fine. Don’t go away! Comment Allez-vous… Kar-lun Give me a kiss, will you? lf only you kiss me, everything… Return so early Yes Sing, come here and have some tea OK!

Mr. Ding! Sing, what happened to your mouth? A cat bit me Where’ve you been today? Outing. l’m so happy You’ve got to be careful The Japanese woman and Wong Kam-kwai are cruel They can do everything l count on you for the gamble 10 days later Don’t worry, Mr. Ding Yu-san, something’s for you New from France Change your plaster Sure!… Come… Mr. Ding, excuse me Sing’s very talented an excellent gambler But he appears crazy most of the time l must find him a girlfriend Which type of girl does he like?

How do l know? Don’t. Not here She’s coming… Miss Yu-san! l understand.

Because Mr. Ding’s here You dare not talk to me Do you have time tomorrow? Let’s go out again What’re you saying? l don’t get it Nobody’s around Don’t treat me like that We’re so happy together today Please don’t go too far You deserve… They’re 2 different persons Right… No, your grandpa says… Of course you say that You’ve neglected me since you found Spring You’re wrong l don’t know what Spring’s thinking Let me tell you, Spring’s my grandma So she’s your… Mom Your wife Your wedding picture ls still hung in my home in 1991 Really? Believe it or not What’s it?

l wanna throw up You should What’s this noise? lt rings! lndeed?! Mr. Ding… The phone is ringing Mr. Ding isn’t around. You answer it Hello!

Sing, l’m Brother Ng You finally called me l couldn’t get through these 2 days Me either Listen carefully l’m in Shanghai. lt’s 1937 now What? lt’s ridiculous but you’ve got to believe me l’m in Shanghai in 1937 How come? Because l challenged Tai-kun with my power As far as l know the power at its height will change the time and l was sent many years back What should l do? Try and find some men with special power Use the same method See if they can bring me back l see Our latest anti-terrorists equipment 5 feet 7 human body Automatic pistol, grenade, gas mask Hey! One more Hold it!

They can’t escape Pistol with infrared detector. Take it Wait! Sing, l’ll rescue you Don’t talk too much with him l’m Commissioner Wong.

Who are you? l’m the Shanghai Saint of Gamblers in 1937 l’m Scissors’ Legs No matter it’s 1937 or 1997 l’m hurrying to have a meeting l wanna talk to Brother Ng Or l’ll smash your head with a punch You’ll smash my head? My legs will break your neck Keep it short with him Don’t hang up yet.

Hello… He’s really in Shanghai in 1937 You can call him from here? Don’t take me for an idiot He’s not Sing? How come Yu-mong has seen him? And Ding Lik will surely die Of course lf my daughter marries Ding Lik he won’t be on the defensive We can kill him before the wedding banquet We, the Japanese are indeed proud of you We let you be the Mayor and you’re indeed helpful Thank you!

We’ve to kill Ding Lik first That Chow Sing Cho isn’t an obstacle Hey! You’ve heard all we’ve said l don’t wanna talk to a traitor l’m a traitor. What about your dad? He’s not a traitor Right, he’s not a traitor He’s a dog of the traitors You hit me? Yu-san Why did you push my daughter down there?

She’s heard all Stop it! This isn’t time for asking who’s responsible Your daughter’s dead Who will Ding Lik marry? Her! Her?! She’s my daughter a little mentally retarded Doesn’t matter.

She looks like Yu-san Be good, drink! You’re not Yu-mong now. You’re Yu-san Ding Lik’s your fiance l’ll kill you if you don’t follow my words Drink! Mayor! Lik! How’s Miss Yu-san?

Not serious. Just got a flu Yu-san, how are you? Yu-san, are you alright? Miss Yu-san! Though Sing is our very good friend You can’t do that She acted strangely because she’s not feeling well Don’t… Mr. Ding!

Don’t Mr. Ding! Lik! Mr. Ding! Lik!

Though l’m very handsome you shouldn’t do that in front of Mr. Ding You got that? Please, don’t be too extreme l beg you, please don’t You’ve got a strange temper l’m at a loss What do you want? Tell me! Where’s Mr. Ding? Gone. He asked you to meet him at the club Something important to discuss with you OK!

Sing, why did Mr. Ding ask for you? lt’s been several hours he’s still not arrived Why? ls he mad with you since his girl loves you? Don’t be silly Let’s play safe. Let’s go This isn’t a good idea What? When Hui Man-keung stepped out of here the other night he got shot lf we stepped out, maybe… Let’s wait here a bit longer Until when?

Anybody? No!… No!… Look carefully No, don’t worry Nothing happened We should be careful You’re right Wong Kam-kwai? Hey Don’t touch me yet So it’s Wong Kam-kwai How come the Mayor’s with him? The Mayor is also a traitor So it’s Wong instead of Ding who asked you to come So you’re the traitor too l would’ve beaten the hell out of you Yes You won’t do it?

l’ll Hey! Why?… You’ve got no using value Hey! Who is it?

He’s a brilliant fighter of Japan Sing, help!… Rescue him Are you grandpa or uncle? He’s my uncle He and Tai-kun are in my hand Good grandson! What do you want? You must know Uncle, grandpa, to rescue you… l have to give up myself to this female beast Come over!

Damn you! You thought l liked you? l want you to kill Ding Lik That’s impossible He’s very kind to me.

l can’t Can you? Wong Kam-kwai, the punishment Pull! Don’t Yes Watch out!

lt’s been lengthened! Don’t… You don’t know him My uncle’s a hero He won’t give in Dad, l can’t believe he said such things You should try the punishment Take them out Fook! Yu-san! Spring! Spring!

Sing, don’t believe them She’s Yu-mong, mentally retarded What did you say? They’re twins Ding Lik loves the elder sister You love the idiot ldiot? Where’s Yu-san? She’s killed Right. l killed her. So what?

Let her off! Take the 2 of them to… Don’t They can’t stand it Let her finish They really can’t stand it l promise you, let them off Take them inside. Let Chow Tai Fook off How about me? Stay and continue! Don’t!

l’ve loosened you. Go away Use your hands to loosen me, please Stupid Haven’t they cracked? What do you think? Come on! Yes Loosen him!

What do you want from us? Kill Ding Lik Kill him? lt’s no use to force me l just can’t kill him Right Hypnotize yourself You can kill him when you hate him Hypnotize?

Follow me l must kill this fucking Ding Lik! Kill this fucking Ding Lik She shouted like that in front of me She sounded hysterical and looked horrible And l found she’s a fool And l walked out of there You just walked out? Because l have special power You can’t see me… and l was out of there Mr. Ding, sit here The Japanese must have a set-up We can’t lose in the gamble the day after tomorrow Sing, it’s too noisy What did you say? Again! l can’t hear you! What?

Oh, sorry! Mr. Ding, don’t worry l know the Japanese will surrender 8 years later because the Americans bombed… lt’s hard Wanna try some? Sing, what do you wanna say? The milk is in your study room Let me play some chess Sing, answer me What? Do you like Miss Yu-san very much? Why?

l treasure friends more than women And the country’s now depend on you l’ll let you have Yu-san if you love her So that you can concentrate Sing are you alright? Yes. You’re very kind to me l’m so sorry Mr. Ding!?

l’m a bit thirsty You seem to be very thirsty You drink in whatever you want here but behave yourself in outside The Japanese have a kind of drug to poison important Chinese persons Many great fighters died because of this This drug has several features First, you’ll feel extremely excited Second, mist will come out of you Third, you can’t control your limbs Then you’ll feel cold get a cramp and die Sing, are you alright?! l’m fine Fine l’m fine! You look pale l’ll be fine Are you sure?

Much better! You look pale l’ll call doctor Sing Yes! l’m cool in this leather tie Come in! Why didn’t kill him?

Sing, are you helping the Japanese? l can’t help it That woman caught my uncle and Yu-mong threaten to kill them Yu-mong? She’s the twin sister of Yu-san l’ve been mistaking her for Yu-san The Mayor is a traitor Yu-san’s killed by Wong Kam-kwai The one we visited was Yu-mong not Yu-san Then you come back to kill me You know l just can’t kill you You’ve been so nice.

l don’t wanna do it Sing, take it You’re a smart guy lf killing me can save them take it Hope after you rescue them kill the woman and Wong for me and for Yu-san Take it… Top killer! Sing Quick l’m sorry, Mr. Ding. He’s my son Hold it! There must be some other ways lf only we can take something from Mr. Ding and take it to her and then announced the death of Mr. Ding Maybe this works So what will you take from me?

These teeth are the only thing left Only teeth are left? Yes… We’ve bombed him. lt’s in the news Please let my son off and also Yu-Mong and Spring? Don’t, Ding Lik’s still alive Sing Say it again Sing Sing… Fook… Spring… Spring, how are you?

Sing… She can call you! She can call your name! Sing… Spring… Fook! Sing… Fine Why don’t you speak to Yu-mong? How can l? She’s mentally retarded She’s just a 5-year-old kid You should’ve told me earlier Why are you staring at me?

She takes me for a brother or a father And you can take her for a daughter or sister and be kind to her Dating isn’t the only thing between you Really?! Sure Sing Don’t cry! Stop crying…

Sing, she’s crying! Talk to her Yu-mong… Sing… Yu-mong… Sing… Don’t be afraid! Dad, dinner’s ready. The food is good How dare you!

Dad, don’t be mad Stop it! You traitor Listen, if you stop now and let us off we’re still related A lot of Japanese are outside You’ve got no way out even if l let you off How come you’re caught by them? The other night l tried to find you Suddenly, l was here The Japanese woman has caught me and Tai-Kun Have they stolen your phone?! How do you know? l saw it and use it And l could put it through to Hong Kong You could? Yes!

Who did you call? The weather forecast! Damn you You should’ve called Brother Ng and asked him to rescue us Listen That damn phone doesn’t always work So? Call until somebody answer l’ll castrate myself if you don’t regret it Don’t do it l’m trying to call lt must be put through Mr. Loong.

Your call Who is it? Brother Ng, l’m Tat Where are you indeed? We’re back in time We’re in Shanghai 1937 We’re caught by a Japanese woman lt’s 76, Ha Fai Road Tell Sing that l’ve found men who’ve got special power to come rescue you Quick that… Hello… You said you can take objects in different space Why doesn’t it work? But l can’t take off others’ pants They’re tight l know how to hypnotize l can influence the mind of others and make them follow my words But l must pick those who look stupid Why? Smart guys have stronger will power difficult to be manipulated This one is great Take the key and let us out Open the door right now!… What?

Open the door Quickly! Open the door! Quickly, l can’t afford Oh god! Force is the most practical thing A real top killer You bet! You’re still an effeminate top killer Top killer Yes You protect them and go first Any further mission?

Watch your step OK! Go quick… Sing… Quick Stop moving. Kick yourself Punch yourself Another punch You can’t manipulate me with that Hey!

My call Fine! Stop it l wanna speak to Loong Ng Shit, call me this late Tell him l’ll arrest him soon He stole the police equipment and took all men with special power away l’m now being locked l can’t stand it anymore No big deal Use your fingers and stab Now you stabbed his eyes? No, l’ve stabbed into his nostrils Scratch until all this air comes out lt’s off. Great You bet l’ve taught Kung-fu through the phone years ago Where’s Loong Ng l’m locked by a so-called ghost lock This is difficult Ask all senior cops to come in Yes, Sir! Any idea? This kind of lock is very powerful Let’s find a way Stab his eyes Surrender Damn you You’re now in trouble How can you save yourself?

l’ll use the Kung-fu of stealing Steal!… Have you stolen it? Yes, it’s big Stop talking l’ll teach you Scissors Legs You jump, with legs touching the wall Turn 180 degree leg gripping his neck ls he who shouts?

lt’s me Haven’t you used Scissors Leg? l’ll save for further use l was caught by a so-called twist lock That’s even more powerful Any solutions? Shoot him… Shoot him… l haven’t got a pistol! What have you got? Just a phone Hit him with it You’ve broken my phone give me a new phone Sing Sing Why are you coming back?

Hit me, don’t hit her l’m cutting Scissors Legs lmpressed? Very! Say sorry then Sorry Say to her Sorry Miss Fine Hey!

Scissors Leg is indeed great Yu-mong, how are you? Fine… Since he said sorry Don’t be afraid. Stop crying There’s no reason for her to love me l don’t get it Don’t worry, nobody is around l’ve said there’s no way out Shake… Don’t Save that. Home now Go away Mr. Ding, how come Sing haven’t returned?

The Saint of Gamblers seems dare not appear Give us another 15 minutes Fine, then you’ll lose with no regrets He’ll be treated as loser if he doesn’t show up Remember if you lose you’ve to leave Shanghai Sing, can special power resist bullets? Sure Fine! But you’ll die afterwards Fuck you Shoot!

Get down! OK! Brother Ng, time’s up l know! Sing Brother Ng, you’re on time Where’s uncle? He’s in the punishment room Go quickly Yes,Sir This one who’s 7 feet tall How did you come here? l’ve found the Association Of Special Power 40 members used their special power and sent me here But after 15 minutes they’ll use power again and bring me back Let’s go!

No, not now! Why? Brother Ng! Sing! You go back with Brother Ng right away Yu-mong and l are going to the casino Look after dad for me Sure Sing, how you come back? You ask those members to use power after an hour l’ll do mine here lf we can connect, l may go back You may not succeed.

Go with us now No, l’ve something to do That is! Hey! lt’s already half an hour, Mr. Ding There’s nothing you can do Fine l’ll gamble it myself What’s so funny?

He overestimates himself! l’m here, fine Please look after Yu-mong for me And… Sorry, Mr. Ding, l’m late! Alright, sit down!

Give me Vitasoya, no, a cup of tea With ice, please l’ll see how can you win me What’re you doing here? Who said you’re gambling today? Haven’t you lost enough?

Get out! lf not me, who’s going to gamble? A famous gambler The French God of Gamblers Pierre Cashion! The French God of Gamblers? So what am l doing?

Take my shoes The French God of Gamblers has special power He seems to be more powerful than Tai-kun Yes Can you manage? l’ll do my best Each side has chips worth 10 million francs The one who loses all is loser l’ve to test the cards! The cards are fine My turn That’s no big deal Fine for me too The game starts French God of Gamblers? With all your chips! The same move?! This is me Fine!

l’ll follow Well?! What? Nothing! Mutual interference of special power Again Queen, l want Queen Who’s that?

Looks ridiculous! l don’t want a beauty queen but a real Queen Q! Damn!

l’ve used up all my power Open the cards Fine, you first You first You first So you’re not opening your cards? Yes, l won’t. You first l don’t wanna go first too Let’s not gamble. Let’s divide the money That’s a good idea! What’re you two doing? Kids shouldn’t interfere with adults business We won’t open the cards.

Break even Another game! Are you alright? My power have been used up at the moment What? Don’t worry, the same of him l’ve to bet him without special power See who’s the lucky one You bid… All your chips out! Sorry, it isn’t your turn Yours’ only a 2 Please bid!

All chips up! Good boy! Fine, chips out too Can l hold half of them?

No way! Of course l know Hold it, l want something larger! Large? Your head?

Yes, you’re right. l want your head Miss Yu-san was killed by this beast so l’m betting with my head on his You’re crazy! Afraid? So we’re the winner Fine, bet on your head Miss… Stop it! You should prepare for risking your life Since we’ve paid you so much Stop looking around. lt’s with me Suit is larger, my friend How about this?

l want you, your family that Japanese lady over there and all your relatives… Yours ancestors, and all their heads Excuse me Use you special power and change the card Quick! You’ll get rewards if l win Fine. l’ll use my power Don’t Remember me?

l’ve used my power and get your Heart 3 to the other side They’ve got a suit. You take care Fine, you curse my relatives Same to you l have a suit! Just open that Mr. Chow, another side follows you Please show your cards Open… Open your cards The book says… He’s beaten once by a mysterious guy called Comment Allez-vous l’ll but wait Ladies and gentleman, anybody here… called Comment Allez-vous Please stand up Mr. Ding do you know such person? What do you want him for? lt’s difficult to explain l must have him to win this game You yourself is Comment Allez-vous Stop kidding.

My head will be cut if we lose Who’s kidding? Look! French God of Gamblers Pierre Cashion versus China Saint of Gamblers Comment Allez-vous l’m Comment Allez-vous?

When did l have such name? Spring told me that… you’re called Comment Allez-vous Didn’t you know? l am?!

The book says Comment Allez-vous won They won’t lie to me Tai-kun knows how to change the cards How can l win? The book won’t be wrong Open or you’ll lose and your heads too Mr. Chow, if you still don’t open it you’ll lose lt can’t be wrong What are you saying? Maybe Jesus gives me back a suit Are you crazy? l think only Jesus can help you now This is the only way-out Jesus, help! Change! You want a 3?

Mine’s 3 Real 3! Who will win? He’s got two pairs.

You have AQJ123 Of course he’s winning Thanks, Jesus! l’m not Jesus. Do l look like Him? Why did you change cards again and again? What about this game? l’m setting you up!

How much did they pay you? That isn’t the point l can’t stand you anymore l’m not a man if l don’t hit you Bitch! Dead?! Wong Kam-kwai, give me your head!

Don’t move any closer or l’ll blow her brains off Sing expected this l’ll let you decide Later, l won’t win if without you How come so windy? They’re using their power to bring me back But l’ve used up my power l can’t connect l’ll help you one more time Thank you so much Mr. Ding, people from my time are bringing me back l must go now, goodbye! Really?! Yes!

Sing, take care l will l’ll tell everybody the real Ding Lik is more handsome than the one on TV What’re you saying? l’ve finished my words Tai-kun, you’ve helped me What about yourself? l’d rather stay and be rich l’m using my power, you got prepared OK Go with me, Yu-mong Quick! You really bring her back? Yes, l’ll take her back to 90’s to cure her back to normal No way!

What? Look at her How come? She lives in 30’s She’ll die of old age in 90’s Push her away Sing Mr. Ding My final wish is please take care of Yu-mong for me Don’t worry. l will Had we meet earlier my heart would’ve been with you And to this day, love never falls Yu-mong! You have to go back to USA?

Yes. l’ll learn arts of gambling from God of Gamblers and forget the past Go and learn, but don’t touch girls l won’t l won’t fall in love again Yee-mong?! Yee-mong.